Arkansas Earthquake Center News - May-2003 - New Madrid Fault System, Arkansas Earthquakes, Recent Earthquake Activity

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ADEM (Arkansas Department of Emergency Management) and UALR allocated Matching funds to install the first two Broad Band Seismic Stations in Arkansas. These stations will form the core of the future ASO. System design is, Guralp CMG-3ESPD Digital Output Broadband Seismometer with 100 to 50 Hz flat velocity response. The first station, Enola, ENAR, started full operation as of 05/05/2004. The second station, Batesville, BTAR, started full operation as of 06/14/2004. For now interested individuals in retrieving data from these two stations should contact the Arkansas Earthquake Center. Future plan will be to make seismic data for these stations available on line.

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