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University of Arkansas at Little Rock



2011 ES-SSA Meeting

October 16-18

University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Field Trip:

Sunday, 16 October, leaving from the Peabody Hotel at 9:00AM
During the fieldtrip, participants will stop at one of the paleoliquefaction sites where there are excellent examples of very large and very weathered sand blows that formed between 5-10 ka, and possibly earlier, in the Marianna area.  The liquefactions occur along a northwest-oriented lineament that is related to ground failure and may be the surface expression of a fault.  During the field trip, we will demonstrate field techniques such as mapping of sand blows and related sand dikes with ground-penetrating radar (GPR) and resistivity as well as discuss observations and interpretations of paleoliquefaction features.  Lunch will be provided.

Haydar Al-Shukri             Martitia Tuttle
501-569-8010                 207-371-2007