Arkansas Center for Earthquake Education and Technology Transfer

Earthquake Engineering and Design

Welcome engineers, architects, and building contractors to the Arkansas Earthquake Center, Arkansas' premier center for research on earthquakes and their effects on structures.

Earthquake Design
Guidelines, standards, and recommendations on earthquake resistant design.

Laws and Legislation
Federal Executive Orders 12699 and 12941, Arkansas Act 1100, California Seismic Safety, and others...

Public Policy and Strategy
The California Earthquake Loss Reduction Plan, Strategic Plans For Earthquake Safety In Missouri and Utah, and more...

Publications on earthquake hazard mitigation during construction and retrofitting of new buildings, existing buildings, and lifelines and infrastructure.

Slide Collections
Online collections of over 6,500 photographic slides and 10,000 photographs of bridges, towers, buildings, and other structures.

Technical Papers

Video Clips

Earthquake Engineering Research Centers
Additional sources for earthquake engineering and design information.

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