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A minor early-morning earthquake shook portions of Union County Saturday March 3rd 2001 at 04:46:13 local time. The quake has a magnitude 3.0 (mbLg) and depth of 5.0 Km. Many residents of El Dorado felt the ground shaking. Our current information is that this earthquake took place along unknown fault that has no previously recorded earthquake activity.

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The El Dorado News-Times Article

NW of USA ( Seattle,Washington)

A magnitude 6.8 earthquake occurred at 10:55am PST, 28 of Feb.2001, near Seattle & Tacoma, Washington. The location is 11km NE of Olympia (47.2 N 122.7 W), very near the location of the 1949 magnitude 7.1 earthquake. This event occurred at a depth of 49 km on a normal fault within the down-going Juan de Fuca plate.

According to CNN, Officials attributed about 250 injuries -- three of them serious -- to this quake, and said that the repair costs could exceed $2 billion. One fatality was attributed to the quake, though the King County Medical Examiner's office said it could not attribute this death to the earthquake with certainty.

Waveform of this event recorded at UALR Broadband Station

More information about this earthquake go to USGS

Map of US / Canada Earthquakes

Map information of Seattle Earthquake: US Geological Survey.

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