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Arkansas and Earthquakes

Arkansas Geology

Reelfoot Rift
Act one - Prehistoric splitting on the continent of North America fails

Mississippi Embayment Synclinorium
Act two - Prehistoric seaway fills Reelfoot Rift with sediment

Bootheel Lineament

Commerce Geophysical Lineament
Magnetic anomally which may indicate a potential new source zone running from central Arkansas to Indiana

Earthquake History

Earthquake History of Arkansas
Brief article on the New Madrid earthquakes and other Arkansas earthquakes including the 1969 New Years Day earthquake in central arkansas.

Earthquake Epicenters for Arkansas
Map of Arkansas Earthquake Epicenters. There's more than you think! Read details of specific events below...

The New Madrid Fault Zone

Earthquake Zones
Map of Arkansas New Madrid Earthquake Hazard Zones

Estimates of Damage from an Earthquake on the Southern Portion of the New Madrid Fault Zone (NMFZ)
Estimates of casualties, building damage and utility availability for all 75 counties and 32 eastern Arkansas cities

September 17, 1997
3.8 Richter magnitude earthquake in the Trumann - Caraway area of northeast Arkansas.

November 28, 1996
3.3 magnitude Blytheville earthquake shakes 5 state area.

August 20, 1994
Saturday morning 3.5 magnitude earthquake wakes up Walnut Ridge

December 5, 1985
3.9 Richter magnitude earthquake southwest of Blytheville, Arkansas.

November 9, 1968
5.5 Richter magnitude earthquake in the Mount Carmel, Illinois area, which was felt in Northeast Arkansas.

January 25, 1955
10-minute earthquake felt in northeast Arkansas, Missouri, and Tennessee.

Other Arkansas Earthquakes

March 17, 1997
3.4 magnitude "explosion" felt in Pike and Montgomery Counties.

January 21, 1982
Two week swarm of over 40 earthquakes plagues Faulkner County.

June 2, 1977
3.8 Body wave magnitude earthquake felt in Mena and western Arkansas.

February 15, 1974
3.3, 3.4, and 3.8 magnitude earthquakes near Malvern cause oil field explosion which severely burns truck driver.

January 1, 1969 - The 'Rose Bowl' Quake
4.7 Richter magnitude earthquake in the Fouche River area of Perry County, which was felt by residents in Little Rock and central Arkansas.

June 4, 1967
Earthquake felt in western Mississippi and southeastern Arkansas.

March 1964
8.4 Magnitude Prince William Sound, Alaska earthquake effects water in Arkansas wells and lakes.

February 3, 1962
Fayetteville feels earthquake.

May 5, 1960
Pine Bluff reports earthquake.

March 31, 1911
Series of earthquakes in Southeast Arkansas, which was felt in Warren, Pine Bluff, Rison, Arkadelphia, and Little Rock

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