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August 20, 1994 Earthquake
Walnut Ridge, Randolph County

A small earthquake measuring about 3.5 Richter magnitude occured on Saturday, August 20, 1994 at 5:46 a.m. local time. The epicenter was about seven miles northwest of Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. No serious damage or injuries were reported.

Many Arkansas residents thought the earthquake was a severe storm passing through at the same time. Several people reported that their homes shook and that there had been a loud noise like a thunderclap.

The Hoxie Police Department received several calls from people saying ''stuff was shaking off walls." The Randolph County Sheriff's Department received calls from area residents who reported feeling the earthquake.

Interestingly, a 2.7 Richter magnitude earthquake occured the previous day on Friday, August 19, 1997 near Drummonds, Tenn and was not noticed or reported by the general public. There was no connection between the two events.

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