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Commerce Geophysical Lineament

The Commerce Geophysical Lineament is a northeast-trending basement magnetic and gravity anomaly - a significant, continental-scale linear feature that is apparent in topography, geophysical data, and remote sensing imagery. It is traceable for over 400 km from central Arkansas into southeast Missourri and southern Illinois to Vincennes, Ind. The Commerce Geophysical Lineament was identified by the U.S. Geological Survey.

New high-resolution seismic reflection data acquired at three sites along the surface projection of the Commerce Geophysical Lineament in southeast Missouri, reveal a complex history of faulting and deformation. These data suggest:

1) that earthquake activity in this area has occurred more frequently than would be guessed only on modern recorded earthquake seismicity and

2) The fault structure (or structures) causing the deformation probably pose a seismic hazard to the Central United States.

For more information:

Langenheim, V.E., and Hildenbrand,T.G., 1997, Commerce geophysical lineament--its source, geometry, and relation to the Reelfoot rift and New Madrid seismic zone, GSA Bulletin, v. 109, n. 5, p. 580-595.

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