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January 1982 Earthquake Swarm
Faulkner County, Arkansas

A swarm of over 40 small earthquakes struck northern Faulkner County over a period of several weeks in January 1982. A pronounced 4.5 Richter magnitude shock occurred on Thursday, January 21, 1982.

Nearby US Air Force Titan II missle crews reported feeling movement; however, there was no danger to the nuclear capable missles due to the missles resting on shock absorbers.

Eighty year-old Noel Fowler of Holland answered his front door and found no one there. Local residents reported feeling eight or nine earthquakes in the previous week.

Residents of the rural Faulkner County area had several theories as to the cause of the earthquakes:

Fortunately, scientists have a more credible answer: the earthquakes are being caused by a remnant of the force that created the nearby Ouachita Mountains.

Source: Arkansas Gazette, Friday, January 22, 1982, page 3B

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