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June 2, 1977 Earthquake
Mena - Board Camp area

An earthquake occured on Thursday, June 2, 1977 at 6:10 p.m. local time. The tremor lasted from 5 to 10 seconds was centered in an area about 14 miles east of Mena, Arkansas in the Board Camp area. The earthquake was felt as far west as Zafra, Oklahoma (6 miles west of the Arkansas-Oklahoma border), south to DeQueen, and 20 miles east of Mena.

No injuries were reported;however, one structure located 8 miles from Mena developed a 12 foot crack in a concrete slab foundation and a 4 foot long crack in a brick wall. Local residents reported dishes rattled and trees shook.

Although the arthquake did not register at the National Earthquake Center in Golden, Colorado, Saint Louis University measured the earthquake at 3.8 body wave magnitude. An 1882 earthquake in the nearby Waldron and Boonville area was felt in a 4 state area.

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