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"The district's management of the earthquake (October 17, 1989) was, on a scale of 100, with 100 being perfect, a 50 or a 60. This was because of the communications problems, the (dead) batteries, the excitement. You just can't plan for every eventuality and have to be ready to adjust and to think or try to anticipate right after the earthquake of some of the necessities."

James Bakers, Superintendent (retired)
Pajaro Valley Unified School District
Watsonville, CA

"Nonstructural components and building contents were important sources of injury (in the Coalinga earthquake). Many of the injuries could have been avoided, either by modifying the physical setting or by providing better public information on appropriate behavior both during earthquake shaking a nd fol lowing the event."

Kathleen Tierney Report on the Coalinga Earthquake, September 1985

"If you happen to have school construction going on, or major contractors in your area you might keep (them in mind to help you with your repairs) or (make it ) as part of your plan, because our crews could not handle the damage and the repairs that were necessary. It was all that they could do to help us do the inspection of the facilities and report what was damaged and what needed to be repaired. "

James Baker, Superintendent (retired) Pajaro Valley Unified School District Watsonville. CA

"With something as large as earthquake preparedness, we need to work with the city government and the community at large. Parent participation is particularly critical to the success of any plan."

Patricia Monson
Member, Board of Directors
Oakland Public Schools


Do the teachers have basic operating procedures to follow such as:


The following items are district-level responsibilities. An individual school site might want to check with its district to determine the procedures that will be followed.

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School Earthquake Preparedness Guide - State of Arkansas
Arkansas Office of Emergency Services, 1993