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This list suggests ways that you can apportion various emergency responsibilities to your staff. Everyone will have some responsibilities based on his/her job, and some people will have additional emergency responsibilities. See Section 3 for checklists of suggested actions for each of these teams before, during and after an earthquake.

The Planning Committee

This team can be composed of staff and/or parents. Interested individuals who have the time to participate will be most effective. People on this committee do not necessarily have responsibilities at the school at the time of an earthquake --rather, this committee is responsible for insuring that the planning takes place and that someone is responsible for each of the major issues identified. This committee drives the planning process, and will also want to observe drills and oversee training.

Responsibilities by Job Position

School Principal/Administrator

This team would also include office staff, who would function as support to school administrators.

Instructional Staff

This team would include teachers, as well as aides.

Maintenance Staff

This team would include custodial, buildings, and grounds and food workers.

Emergency Response Teams

(May not usually be part of school staff's responsibility. In order to have two or three staff members participate on these teams, they will have to be freed from their usual staff responsibilities.)

Emergency Operations Center -- principal or administrator and two or three others.

(This center will be put into operation after an earthquake. Most or all members of the Coordinating Committee will report here.)

First Aid Team -- school nurse and two others (preferably with first aid and CPR training).

Search and Rescue Teams -- three teams of two or three people,

Site Security Team -- an administrator and two others.

Fire Safety Team -- two teams of two or three people.

Evacuation Team -- an administrator and three others.

Maintenance Team--custodians and food workers.

Communications Team -- three teams of two or three people.


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School Earthquake Preparedness Guide - State of Arkansas
Arkansas Office of Emergency Services, 1993