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I. Drop and Cover Drill

Review classroom earthquake drill procedures with students and have them practice the drop, cover and hold routine. You may do the drill with or without the simulation script.

II. Evacuation Drill

Walk the class through the designated earthquake evacuation route(s) to the appointed reception area(s) outdoors. Ask students to make mental notes, as they go along, of things that might become hazards during an earthquake. When you reach the designated site, talk about what they noticed or hazards they thought of. A list of such hazards is below:

When you return to the classroom, discuss with the students how the hazards could be reduced, and/or how they could cope with them if they happened.

III. Safety Considerations

Explain to the class that if there is a strong earthquake, each student's first responsibility is for his or her own personal safety. Every student should learn, however, how to help someone else who is injured. Present some "what if" questions to provoke discussion.

IV. Emotional Considerations

Lead a discussion with the students about the reactions they may have to an earthquake. Mention that it is normal to feel very frightened, worried, or even physically sick. Some people respond to the fear by crying and some by laughing. Have the students talk about what they can do after an earthquake to help themselves and their classmates feel less scared and worried.

It may take a long time for parents or caretakers to get to the school, so everyone should be prepared to wait patiently. Students may be very concerned about their parents or siblings; they may in fact be "worried sick". Have students discuss what they can do to help each other pass the time and not worry so much. Point out that if their family has made an earthquake plan, they will have a better idea of what to expect from each family member.

V. Teacher Reminders

A. Duck and Cover

B. When No Cover is Available

C. When Outside

D. If in Bus or Car


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School Earthquake Preparedness Guide - State of Arkansas
Arkansas Office of Emergency Services, 1993